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The Defending Conservatism Institute and this online encyclopedia were founded by Joshua David Zambrano. For more of his work, see The DCI has been playing a key role in elections for years, and was formally instituted in 2016. However, its founder has been publishing conservative research papers since 2008, proposing U.S. Budgets and conservative legislation, and intervening to elect conservative candidates.

The origins of the BibleStrength began with in March 2013, which was founded by Joshua David Zambrano as an online encyclopedia defending the Bible, during which key content earlier created in 2012 was imported to Bereawiki. Due to a lapse in domain name renewal, the domain name was lost and Bereawiki was then split into two new sites, and the BibleStrength, using the backed up content from Bereawiki. The BibleStrength officially went online on July 1st, 2018.


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Political Operations


Canada Elections

See also 2019 Canadian Election Fraud

The DCI catalogued all cases of Liberal voter fraud which occurred during the 2019 Canadian General Elections, and encouraged voters to support Conservatives during the 2019 Canadian General Election.

Wesley Morgan for U.S. Senate Campaign

The DCI has provided research assistance to Wesley Morgan, Mitch McConnell's opponent for the U.S. Senate, in creating detailed Voting Records showing that McConnell is not a conservative. The DCI oversaw citation formatting and contributed research assistance to the project.


D.C. Kavanaugh Hearings, U.S. Senate Elections

See 2018 DCI DC Campaign

Counter-protests in support of Brett Kavanaugh were performed in Washington, D.C. from September to October by the Defending Conservatism Institute outside the Senate office building where the confirmation hearings were taking place. Furthermore, dozens of U.S. Senate offices were visited in person, and Informational Factsheets with information designed to help Republican U.S. Senators win reelection were provided. Due to a lack of funding, only U.S. Senate offices were visited. The DCI attended the hearings as well, although due to security protocols use of electronic devices was not permitted.

Online posts disproving false liberal claims on prominent, high-traffic social media pages were used in the last month of the election to boost the poll numbers of key U.S. Senators, including Ted Cruz and Martha McSally. The DCI also assisted in the races for FL Rep. Aaron Bean, MN Rep. Jim Hagedorn, and ME Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

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Trump Inauguration

The DCI attended Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington, D.C. in support of his presidency, and provided policy recommendations for a successful presidency.

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Roy Moore Primary Election

The DCI created a website in defense of Judge Roy Moore, demonstrating that the accusations against him were clearly false, to assist him in the primary election against Luther Strange.


GOP Assistance

In October 2016, ten copies of Defending Conservatism (1st ed.) were printed via 48HrBooks and then mailed to the Trump Campaign, RNC, and GOP committee headquarters. Online posts disproving false liberal claims on prominent, high-traffic social media pages were used in the last month of the election to boost Trump's poll numbers.

Judiciary Bill

See also Judicial Reform Bill and Reforms

A judicial reform bill was created, and would be further refined through 2018, providing a complete structural rewrite of the judicial system through a modern judiciary act. The prospective legislation includes the judicial Reforms proposed by the DCI.


Assisting Illinois Republicans

Joshua David Zambrano assisted the Naperville, IL call center run by Darshan Gopi in contacting Illinoisans to vote for Rep. Randy Hultgren. However, due to redistricting immediately afterwards, Hultgren's district was moved, thus preventing further support of Randy Hultgren.

U.S. Budget Proposal

A U.S. Budget proposal was authored to help resolve government shutdowns by reducing spending and creating millions of U.S. jobs. Conservative lawmakers were contacted and encouraged to vote in favor of a fiscally conservative budget. The Budget was based on the earlier 2012 U.S. Budget proposal.



A website was designed in support of Mitt Romney for the 2012 elections on the understanding that he was pro-life.

Research Paper

'An Analysis of the U.S. Budget and Job Market with Proposed Solutions' was authored, calling for fiscally conservative reduction of the U.S. Budget through commonsense reforms including a return of U.S. troops to guard the borders, trade restrictions on low minimum wage countries such as China, judicial term limits, an insurance-less healthcare system to reduce the Budget, a return to public works programs, tax breaks for companies that hire more U.S. workers to combat automation, and trust-busting to break up large corporations to protect market competition and small business.

U.S. Budget Proposal

A U.S. Budget proposal was authored to help resolve government shutdowns by reducing spending and creating millions of U.S. jobs.


Pro-Life Protests

Joshua David Zambrano protested outside Planned Parenthood clinics (Aurora, Naperville) in association with Eric Scheidler's Pro-Life Action League.

Tea Party Coordination

Joshua David Zambrano coordinated with the Tea Party, attended their meetings, and used online postings to assist them in the 2010 midterm elections.

Pro-Life Democrats

Pro-life Democrats that voted consistently against Obamacare were supported for their principled stand for life, including Collin Peterson. A research paper, 'The Zambrano Report,' was published explaining how they were being wrongfully targeted for their seats after many of them had stood by Republicans to stop Obamacare from passing from July 2009 to March 2010. A total of 20 pro-life Democrats voted against the final bill. Thus despite simultaneously supporting Tea Party candidates, pro-life Democrats who had voted against Obamacare and the Stimulus bills were also endorsed.


Wikipedia Obama Arbcom Case

Joshua David Zambrano went through a major ArbCom case at Wikipedia, arguing that controversies surrounding Obama should be included in the page, given that the controversies of conservative politicians are covered. In particular, controversies such as his votes against medical care for newborn children and corruption scandals related to Emil Jones, his 1996 election, and Tony Rezko scandal were emphasized.

Pro-Life Healthcare Bill

A 51-page pro-life healthcare bill was created as an alternative to Obamacare, and key pro-life legislators were contacted and encouraged to vote against Obamacare. Since Republicans lacked the votes at the time to stop any legislation, this meant contacting pro-life Democrats encouraging them to vote against Obamacare; their refusal to pass Obamacare without a pro-life Stupak Amendment to prevent abortion funding is why the bill was held up from passing for nearly a year.


Research Paper

A research paper, 'Economic Solutions,' was published by Joshua David Zambrano in December 2008 criticizing Democrat policies and calling for a return to fiscal conservatism through commonsense reforms, including a return of U.S. troops to secure the borders, trade restrictions on China, an insurance-less healthcare system utilizing block grants, a cap on home interest rates, and a return to public works programs.


Alan Keyes U.S. Senate Campaign

Joshua David Zambrano supported the campaign of Alan Keyes (R) after he ran against Barack Obama for the 2004 U.S. Senate seat in Illinois with less than 3 months remaining in the election. Due to his late entrance into the race, this involved only a few weeks. Although Keyes' 2004 forums at RenewAmerica have since removed old posting history, some posts have been preserved here.

Financial Information

The DCI provides all research free of charge and is entirely self-funded; relying neither on donations or advertisements. The DCI does not solicit donations. Content is currently provided ad-free, although this may be changed in the future. The following are institute financials, current as of October 2019, showing all cumulative expenses and revenues (N/A).


  • Web Hosting: $240.18 (18 months at $12.99 per month, plus startup monthly cost of $6.36)
  • Book Printing Costs (2016 Elections, 48HrBooks): $404.50
  • Book Shipping Costs to GOP/Trump Campaign (2016 Elections): $70 (approx.)
  • Website Search Engine Advertising Campaigns: $56.65
  • Washington, D.C. Counter-Protest Expenses in Support of Brett Kavanaugh (2018 Elections): $1,000 (approx.)
  • Washington, D.C. Pamphlet Printing Expenses for U.S. Senate Offices (2018 Elections) : $100 (approx.)
  • TOTAL: $1,871.33 (approx.)




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