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Biblestrength is a free online encyclopedia defending a Biblical worldview by debunking all major lists of alleged Bible contradictions, clearly presenting the undeniable evidence for GOD'S existence and the Bible's accuracy, and clarifying the Bible's position on numerous doctrinal issues.

Due to hacking by liberals, both for the server and the domain name, much content was lost in January 2021. See the Wayback Machine, either for or, for some of the lost page content.

Bible Evidence
Manuscript Evidence Documentary evidence for the Bible's accurate preservation.
Archaeological Evidence Archaeological artifacts supporting the Biblical accounts.
Scientific Evidence Scientific proofs for the Bible's reliability.
Messianic Prophecies Prophetic evidence for Jesus, including exactly when He was to come showing He was clearly the Messiah.
Historical Evidence of Jesus Historical evidence for the existence of Jesus.
Creationism Thorough and unique evidence for young earth creationism.
Noah's Flood Evidence Evidence for the Noahic Flood.
Dinosaurs An analysis of the Hebrew Old Testament textual references to dinosaurs.
Bible Chronology A thorough accounting of Biblical timelines and genealogies, with references, to determine the age of the Earth.
Scripture Why both 1 Enoch and Jubilees should be considered Scripture as well.
Garden of Eden Antarctica's ancient river system parallels that described in the Garden of Eden.
Debunked Lists of Alleged Bible Contradictions
American Atheists Complete debunking of the list by Frank Zindler at
RationalWiki Complete debunking of the list at
Patheos Complete debunking of the list by Bob Seidensticker at
FFRF Complete debunking of the list at
Infidels Complete debunking of Jim Meritt's List of Biblical Contradictions at and a partial debunking of Don Morgan's list.
ThinkingAtheist Complete debunking of the list at
Wikipedia Complete debunking of the list at
Skeptics Annotated Bible Passages related to the list at Skeptics Annotated Bible as featured on Project Reason.
EvilBible Passages related to the list at
Philosophical/Ethical Criticisms
Problem of Evil Disproof of the criticism questioning how evil can exist given a moral, all-powerful GOD.
Destruction of Canaanites Why GOD was just in HIS destruction of Canaanite nations.
Dawkins' Criticisms Refutation of Richard Dawkins' vague accusations that GOD is racist, homophobic, infanticidal, etc.
Religion and Wars Analysis showing atheist governments have killed more than Christian ones.
Moral Relativism Why a belief in GOD is central to a belief in right and wrong and tolerance requires disagreement.
Documentary Hypothesis Why Tablet Theory is a better explanation than the Documentary Hypothesis for the origin of the Pentateuch.
Slavery The Bible does not support slavery.
Judge Not What the Bible really says about judging and tolerance.
Biblical Justice
Judicial Standards Biblical standards for ultimate judgment.
Wickedness Standards Biblical standards for identifying the wicked.
Righteousness Standards Biblical standards for identifying the righteous.
Salvation (Soteriology)
Salvation The most important doctrine determining our eternal destinies.
Faith and Works What the Bible teaches about faith and works.
Predestination What the Bible says about predestination and free will.
Once Saved, Always Saved? Why Christians should be careful not to lose their salvation, and diligently follow GOD.
Original Sin How Adam and Eve's decision to sin affects us in light of free will.
Nature of GOD (Theology Proper}
Jesus Son of GOD THE FATHER, Heir of Creation, General of Heaven's armies, and Angel of the Lord worshiped as God by the Israelites.
Christophanies Jesus was the Old Testament Angel of the Lord worshiped as God by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses.
Trinity Why the Trinity, like the Nicene Creed, is a false unBiblical doctrine.
Bride of Christ Explaining the love affair between Jesus and His bride, the Church.
Spiritual Theology
Spiritual Metaphysics Explaining the spiritual aspect of reality, exorcism, etc.
Prayer and Miracles How prayer and miracles work Biblically.
Fasting Why fasting prayers are relevant to working miracles.
Satan World Ruler Why Satan is the "god of this world" Biblically, in control of its kingdoms until the time of judgment.
Caution on Wisdom With knowledge comes pride but love edifies. We must walk humbly with GOD THE FATHER.
End Times (Eschatology)
End Times Analysis of the book of Revelation and when the Great Tribulation will take place.
Eternity What eternity will be like, the sequence of events, and a description of the New Heavens and New Earth.
Aliens/Angels What the Bible says about aliens/angels and different types of extraterrestrial life.
Reincarnation Cases of animal and human reincarnation in the Bible.
Moral Theology
Sexual Morality Addressing confusion about what the Bible says on sexuality.
Women Teaching Cases of women teaching and prophesying in the Bible in light of Paul's teachings.
Modesty What the Bible says about modesty.
Pacifism Biblical teaching on pacifism and treatment of one's enemies.
Sabbath Reconciling the Old and New Testament teachings about the Sabbath and Sunday.
Christian Ministries
Association for Creation A directory of Creationist organizations.
Other Religions
Catholicism Is Catholicism as a religion Biblically-based?
Islam Islam claims the Bible wasn't reliably preserved, and has been proven false by the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Hinduism There is much more evidence for the Bible being ancient than Hindu texts, which date thousands of years younger.
Buddhism Analysis of Buddhism.
Mormonism Why Mormonism is unChristian.
Jehovah's Witnesses Detail about Jehovah's Witnesses.
Christian Denominations
Baptists Detail about Baptists.
Quakers Detail about Quakers.

The intent of this website is to provide evidence showing the Bible and GOD are defensible from a logical, evidentiary standpoint. GOD does exist, the Bible is true, and Jesus did come to redeem us from our sins. It is evil in this life, not justice, where evil people prosper and those who are good die early deaths. Therefore, for justice and morality to truly exist at all, there must be a life after this one, a judgment to reward the good and punish the evil, and a JUDGE OF ALL. That JUDGE is GOD.

For resources used in examining the Bible and alleged contradictions, see Resources.